Drongan & District CS 21 April 2018

Drongan & District CS 21 April 2018

Judge: Miss A Farquarson
Irish Setter Open (2;0)
1.Vallance’s Lynwood His Grace at Corcencone
2. Richardson’s Montgreenan Charley’s Angel
AV Gundog Puppy ( 12;1)
3. Richardson’s Brabrook True Violet for Montgreenan
Results kindly supplied by Linzie Richardson

Exonian Canine Association 7 April 2018

Exonian Canine Association   7 April 2018

Judge:  Mrs. Maria Chalk (Chalksville)
BOB/Group 2 - Pym - Thendara The Watchmaker
RBOB - Partridge - Kerrydown Octavia
BPIB/ Puppy Group 3 - MacDonald - Redclyst Maximus
AV Gundog Veteran Group - Partridge - Tsitsikama Glen Acacia at Kerrydown Sh.CM
Sp.Yearling 6 (1 abs)
1st  MacDonald - Redclyst Maximus
2nd  Pike - Redclyst Boris
3rd  Poole - Teleri Summer Nights
Res  Hadfield - Staratlanta Get A Wiggle On
VHC  Gardiner - Harreds Tobie of Blaysdell
Post-Grad 5 (1 abs)
1st  Gardiner - Harreds Harlie of Blaysdell
2nd  Jones - Hunnicote Handyman
3rd  Partridge - Kerrydown One Man
Res  Clifford - Swiftlark First Light Over Coppersheen
Open Dog 5 (1 abs)
1st  Pym - Thendara The Watchmaker
2nd  Andrews - Millcroft Moon Riot
3rd  MacDonald - Redclyst Kearney
Res  Pike - Redclyst The Piper
Open Bitch 6 (1 abs)
1st  Partridge - Kerrydown Octavia
2nd  Pike - Orlanset Sarah at Glenury
3rd  Andrews - Millcroft Scarlet Moon
Res  Hadfield - Marzanne China In Your Hand
VHC  Penford - Orlanset Philomena
Results kindly supplied by Gill Partridge

Photographs and Results.

Photographs and Results.
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