Puppy Buyers Guide

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We have provided a simple quide below for new puppy owners.


Buying an Irish Setter

A few things for a novice Irish Setter purchaser to ask when enquiring about any Irish Setter Litter:

Kennel Club Registered

Are Parents and Puppies Kennel Club  Registered? You can check this and the exact Health Status of any Dog on the Kennel Club Website, by inserting its Kennel Club Registered Name HERE:


Are Parents tested or hereditarily clear for of pra-rcd1 & pra-rcd4?
The status of both parents should be known by the breeder and a carrier parent should only have been mated to clear partner. This ensures that only Clear or Carrier puppies could be produced.

Note: Puppies can be Carrier or Clear and neither will affect their health.
Being a Carrier is only of importance if the dog is subsequently to be bred from.

All parents must have a Clear CLAD status, either Tested Clear or Hereditarily Clear – again if either status then the puppies will be clear. More information on Kennel Club Website HERE:

Heath - Hips

Both parents should be Hip Scored and results listed. Hip scoring is not a definite 100% guarantee that your puppy will not have Hip Dysplasia but it is a good general guide if the scores are average or below.
More information on Kennel Club Website HERE:

Bitch Welfare

The mother of the litter should be over 2 years old at time of whelping and not to have whelped a litter within the past 12 months of date of birth of litter advertised – ask your breeder to make sure. Again you can check how many KC registered litters she has had  by using the link HERE:
You should be able to view the mother of the puppies when you visit, whereas the father of the litter may well belong to another breeder

Puppies Welfare

All genuine and Breeders will ensure that no puppy goes to its new home before the age of 8 weeks.

All responsible breeders will  guarantee to the purchaser that they will take back any Irish Setter bred by them at any time during its life should your circumstances change.

Breeder Details Provided

Diet Sheet, KC Registration, Insurance, Microchip details to be available for new owners at time of collection of puppy. There is no reason why you should not be given all this paperwork when you collect your puppy,.
These notes are intended as a general guide to help you when approaching breeders
Genuine and responsible breeders care passionately about the future welfare and home life for their puppies and therefore will also want to know about you and your lifestyle

Breeders Questions

Be aware that you will have questions to answer too.
Taking time to show the breeder where their puppy will live would seem a reasonable request,especially in todays’ climate with unscrupulous dog dealers.

It may be wise to avoid a breeder who is lacking in these basics…..


Ask questions, think about what you have seen, and if you are not happy do not buy.

We hope this guide has been helpful to you

Good luck



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