Setters saved from fire...

So sorry to hear from Lynne Murray-Hogsflesh that the Fire Brigade had to be called to her home last weekend after her kitchen caught fire.

Whilst Lynne was out, the dogs jumped up on the cooker turned it on and, in the process, knocked materials onto it which caught alight setting the kitchen on fire.

Lynne writes:


"The fire at home has knocked out all our is gutted & the rest of the house is just black, stinks of smoke & everything covered in black sooty powder.

Thank God the dogs are OK apart from the puppy who has a bad cough & badly inflamed eyes............

Couldn't care less what the mess is, things can be replaced just so thankful my dogs are still alive......that would have ended me if I had lost them!!!  The only positive thing to come out of it all is that it reminds you that dog shows aren't the be all & end all.......but the dogs are"


We all hope things quickly get sorted out for you Lynne

Makes you stop and think, doesn't it?  I think most of us have setters  who climb on worktops so do take care all of you.





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